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Activities and support during confinement and Christmas vacations

In this very special time for everyone, social integration activities continue to be organized during confinement and the Christmas vacations.

Do not hesitate to contact the BDE and the BDS, the International students Relations and the Languages and Cultures Department (contacts on the page About this blog and activities under BDE/BDS).

We also provide help and support for those in need with a pyschological support and a hotline open 24/7.

  • FLIPS mobile application IP Paris

“When you come from another university, city or country, it is not very easy to fully enjoy your social life. And especially with the coronavirus crisis… So two ENSTA Paris students decided to design an app called Flips. With Flips, you can enjoy original activities (sport, music, culture, tourism…) with other IP Paris students. Today, more than 500 students have already joined the app! This Thursday, you will have the opportunity to know more about the app and to give your personal feedbacks.”

“During the lockdown, the Flips app comes with new changes to maintain a social life within the school. Flips suggests online activities (games, sports challenges, cooking challenges, culture…) to enjoy with other students. And for more originality, you can now create your own online event within the app. It is free and available to all IP Paris students.
Already registered? Simply update the app to discover the new features.
Not yet registered? Join the “IP Paris” group and sign up using your school email address. We are counting on you to make the most of it!”

Gautier Chamoulaud, co-founder of the application

To download the Flips app, it’s right here:
● iOS :
● Android :

Flips during confinement

Flips IP Paris

  • “Le menu de Noël” /”Christmas Menu” – 21, 22, 23 décembre 2020 – Science Accueil

Science Accueil a décidé d’organiser une opération intitulée « Le Menu de Noël », destinée à amoindrir la solitude des étudiants et scientifiques de tous les pays, amenés à devoir passer les fêtes à « Saclay » en période sanitaire compliquée.

Au programme des festivités et dans le respect scrupuleux des consignes sanitaires :

* Des ateliers en visio-conférence : jeux, conversation, cinéma etc…
* Des petits cadeaux de Noël offerts à tous, le 23 décembre (friandises, fruits et brioches traditionnels)
* Un spot d’animation vin chaud ou jus de pomme chaud / marrons chauds … en extérieur, devant Science Accueil (Moulon, 23 décembre)

Pour prendre contact avec Science Accueil : ou 01 70 26 41 40

Christmas Menu is an event organized by Science Accueil for international students and researchers staying in the Palaiseau area during Christmas vacations.

Flyer Christmas Menu December 2020

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